About Us

Totomak is a company working with a 98% export ratio consisting of sales to North America, West Europe, Asia and South America with two manufacturing locations one in Izmir/TURKEY and the other one in Monterrey/MEXICO who is represented by approximately 600 employees in total. Our primary target is to satisfy our business partners’ expectations in terms of cost-delivery-quality and become the most preferable and competitive manufacturing supplier in the business areas we operate with the help of our huge machining experience and new R&D organization.

Totomak has two manufacturing locations; one in Izmir/TURKEY, one in Monterrey/MEXICO.


We are serving our customers through 5 logistics warehouses (4 in Europe, 1 in the USA) in order to provide them good Service according to their global demand.  Yellow marks are representing our customer plant locations we perform sales/shipping activities.